My Iphone 6 can’t connect to wifi

This happened just last night. When I am browsing the internet I noticed that my phone suddenly has very low wifi signal. It only has one bar signal. But my siblings who were just beside me has strong wifi signal. They can even watch youtube! While me, can’t even connect to the wifi. It only has one bar then it will be gone. I can only have strong wifi signal if I am right next to the router! When I am like five steps away from the router it will go to one bar signal again!

So I searched on google how to fix it. Then I read some people have the same problem as mine.

I followed what I read in google. It says to restart my phone. So I did that. I hold the wake up button and the home button for 10 seconds. But after restarting my phone it did not solve the problem.

So I had to erase my phone’s network setting. To do that go to settings-general-reset-erase network setting. This will delete your connection to the wifi. Then after that you have to connect again to the wifi and enter the password. As you also deleted the password when you erase your network setting. But even after I erased my network setting. It did not solve my wifi connection problem.

Then, I thought of unplugging and plugging back the wifi router. But that also didn’t help at all. So I searched and searched, again and again. I read some people bought wifi signal parts on ebay. They personally changed it. They opened their phone and changed the wifi signal. I don’t know what is that called. Because I don’t really know what that is. So I skipped that. I don’t even know how to open my phone. And I don’t even have small screw drivers.

After doing all of that. I came to a point of giving up. I thought probably this is a hardware issue. And it is so expensive to have it repaired. But, I said to myself one last. I searched again. Then, there was this blog about iphone new software update that cannot connect to wifi. It also said there all the things I did above. But there’s one thing there that I haven’t done. To reset wifi router! There. I get a pen to insert into the hole of the router to reset it. I hold it for five seconds. Then voila! I have strong wifi signal now! Yes, restarting the wifi router solved it!

I am happy that now my wifi connection is now okay. Because honestly that’s the main use of my phone. I really rarely use my phone to call someone or text someone. If I have to call or text them, I will do it through messenger or viber. So if I have no wifi connection especially at home my phone has no use to me.

Thanks google! You’re always a big help. 😉



JAGUAR POWER BANK 5000 mAh review

Having a good phone but drains really fast is really annoying! That’s what I’ve been through for almost a year. I bought my phone from my boss, after a few months I noticed that the battery drains fast. So I decided to buy a power bank.

I bought Jaguar 5000 mAh last December 2017 at Techno Pop in Centris. I bought it for P299. Now it’s almost two months and it’s still working. You can fully charge your phone for 2 times. I also have Jaguar 24000 mah, which can let you fully charge your phone up to 5 times. I bought it last January 2017. But it’s pretty heavy so i bought a smaller one. So I can bring it everyday.

Btw, when you buy Jaguar 5000 mAh, it has free android universal cord.

I have my phone’s battery changed at Circle C mall, because the battery already got swollen. It costs 550 pesos. My battery got swollen because I use my phone while charging, like when I watch K dramas or Youtube. I often left my phone overcharged. ———-#powerbank #jaguar #kimstore #gadget #phone #charger #iphone