JAGUAR POWER BANK 5000 mAh review

Having a good phone but drains really fast is really annoying! That’s what I’ve been through for almost a year. I bought my phone from my boss, after a few months I noticed that the battery drains fast. So I decided to buy a power bank.

I bought Jaguar 5000 mAh last December 2017 at Techno Pop in Centris. I bought it for P299. Now it’s almost two months and it’s still working. You can fully charge your phone for 2 times. I also have Jaguar 24000 mah, which can let you fully charge your phone up to 5 times. I bought it last January 2017. But it’s pretty heavy so i bought a smaller one. So I can bring it everyday.

Btw, when you buy Jaguar 5000 mAh, it has free android universal cord.

I have my phone’s battery changed at Circle C mall, because the battery already got swollen. It costs 550 pesos. My battery got swollen because I use my phone while charging, like when I watch K dramas or Youtube. I often left my phone overcharged. ———-#powerbank #jaguar #kimstore #gadget #phone #charger #iphone


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